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 Nature, Pilgrimage, and Life in Korea(자연, 빛을 향한 긴 여행 그리고 한국의 삶)
John Nemnich(존 넴닉)
판매구분 판매

"This 290 page collection of 166 mostly short to medium-length poems of 10-30 lines presents basically objective but often personal observations and experiences of an expatriot, English language and literature university instructor during his twelve year residence in South Korea. Third person predominates matching the usually reserved, indicative and close observation of the Korean cityscape and its miniaturized spots of nature, and also observations of Koreans and their society. The pilgrimage aspect is mainly reflections on Korean experiences and their results on the writer; it is not a quest for an absolute or higher end. Poetic structure varies e.g. being based on syllable count, repeated sound (assonance/alliteration) or image. Extensive footnotes offer assistance to non-native English language readers, in vocabulary, related poems and culture points. The intended audience is university-aged and older Koreans as well as overseas readers interested in that dynamic and often surprising nation.

이 책은 보통 10-30행 정도의 단편에서 중편에 달하는 시들을 엄선한 시집으로 한국 대학 강단에서 12년간 영어영문학을 가르치는 한 교수이자 국외 거주자의 근본적으로 객관적이면서도 다소 개인적인 관찰과 경험을 다룬 것이다. 3인칭 시점을 통해 한국 도시들과 한국의 축소된 자연의 부분들에 대해 객관적인 측면에서 직설적이고 자세하게 묘사, 관찰하고 있으며, 한국인들과 그들의 사회에 부합하는 측면을 잘 보여준다. 모종의 목표를 향한 탐구(pilgrimage)의 측면은 한국에서의 경험과 그로 인해 필자가 얻은 결론들의 투영이라 할 수 있다. 하지만 그것은 절대적이고 보다 고지(高志)를 향한 탐구라곤 할 수 없다. 시의 형식들, 가령 음절수를 맞추거나, 반복되는 소리(유운/두운) 혹은 이미지는 다양하다. 광범위한 각주들은 어휘적 측면에서뿐만 아니라 관련된 시와 문화적 측면에서 비영어권 국가 독자들에게 도움을 제공하기 위한 것이다. 이 시집은 역동적인 한국이라는 나라에 관심이 있는 외국독자들뿐만 아니라 한국의 대학생부터 한국의 기성세대까지 이르기까지 다양하게 읽힐 수 있을 것이다.
Ⅰ. Nature in Korea
Morning Walk
For Gratis
Fall Note
Hawthorne Effect
Autumn Orange
Korea Manque
Late Autumn Tale
Looking Out
Sky Spot
First Azaleas
Columbus Night
Chungchongnam Province, Korea
Rain in Deajeon: Korea 2001
Massacres and Campus Chatting
Foils All
First Commandment
Autumn’s Round
Aeolus Near
Stellar Abridgement
Pine Pollen
Slow Time
Day’s Light
August Shower
Below the Cliffs
The Red and the Green
White Bird
Note That Above So Simply
Within the Newly Covered Veranda
Beaks and All

Ⅱ. Koreans of Various Guises
Together or Apart
Morning Turns
A Fine Ending
With Honor
Chinese Garden, Singapore
Regarding Youth in His Age
Gingkos and Cicadas
Short Cut
Question of Korea’s Apartments
Various Light
Six-Sided Box
Sanguine Solution
Cherry Blossoms (Butggot/Sakura)
De Rigueur Gently
Justifying the Ways of People
No Longer
Korean Vacation la Mode
Exit is an Entrance
Writ Small in Daejeon, Korea
New Widower
The Advent of the Past and Future
Sand Play
Playground Below the Apartment
Mountainside Park
Hearing Silence
Upon Rising
Red Set: Korean Wedding 2005

Ⅲ. Interactions
Back From America
Some Faces
World With End, Amen
Hem too High
Oh Mi-ae’s Solo Painting Exhibit, 2003, Daejeon
Gratitude Included
Photo of Robert Creeley
Eyes Cast Sideways
At a Funeral
Blank Gift
Higher Sun
Office Manager
Seventh Floor for Coffee; Just Off Campus
Just a Chat
To Love
Marital Entreaty
Daughter’s Emblem
Requested Dimensions
In Passing
Take and Give
Fine Lines
Reflections Between Antiquated and Antique
Of a Feather
A Buddha on Bus 111-4
Two Sounds
New Look
Magic Mirror Meets Self-Affirmation
FYI-Note: This is Not a Complaint

Ⅳ. Expatriates’ Pilgrimage: Learning About Oneself in Korea
Inclined to Visitation
No-eun Temple, 4:00 AM, Daejeon, Korea
Green Tea Thoughts
Kevin Nichols: Parrot or Not
Daejeon Rain
Lavender Ratchet
The Newly-Old Professor
First Sight of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
Sacred Mall Visit
Not Where
Food and Thought
Doorman Parking at Styx’s Place
At Hand
On the Corner or in the Hall
Sole Waygook in a Korean Neighborhood and Universe
Very Deep on an Average, Dull Weekend
Bell Not in Need of Seeing
High Priests Periodically
Passing Urbanity, on Your Left Side
Magician Meets University Sophomore in an Introduction Course
Jade-Framed Mirror
As a Vietnamese Lullaby Question
Faint Stain
Considering Lives
Finches (Kong-sae)
Leaving Korea

Ⅴ. Higher Views
Older Husband’s Thought
Ms. Oh’s Reason
Forward Motion
Prone to Proclamations
A Cold Rudeness
Select Game
Blame’s Sweet Delight: The Prosaic Upon a Plinth
Daejeon Days, Korea 2003
Happy Progress: No-eun District, Daejeon, Korea
In the Days of Fog and Mists
Ah, Consistency!
Generally Forgivable Hands
In Every Nation
Late Partaking
View from the Starting Line
Sun Dance Kids
While Shopping in Seoul, Stuck in a CD Drill in a Pedestrian Underpass
Ticking: A Human Predilection
Willing the World Away
Morning Question
To Become Real
True Believer
“We’ll Build a Stairway to Paradise”
Here More Than Not
So Disposed
Sort of
Member in Good Standing
Watching an Old Man Get on the 140 Bus
It Could Happen to You
Swirl Within Reverent Hands


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